A Bit of Accomplishment

A travel blog I've contributed to distributed an email on January 2 stating they were suspending their payment program. This means, no more payment for future blog posts. Bummer.

The good news is I found a new foodie blog. How exciting! I've also gotten some decent leads for other online pubs. Stay tuned.

One of the best business tips given to me was in the form of a booked called "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty" by Harvey Mackay. A wise public relations mentor gave it to me and I savored every page of it. It's about building relationships prior to needing something.

Long story short, I just connected a European-based travel writer with the generous contacts I met in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan during my visit more than two years ago. Pretty cool.

On to things closer to home, my water bill has doubled over the past six months and my toilet seems to be running. I finally called the apartment complex maintenance to "fix it," or so I thought. As far as I can tell, he came in, took a shower (someone was in my shower - the washcloth was moved and so was the curtain) and left the blank maintenance request form on the sink. Suppose I better change the towel to be on the safe side!