Arrr! is a New People Search Site

I realize here on the East Coast it's already Saturday, but I just gotta say, I'm glad this week is over. Although a short work week, I'm exhausted and can't WAIT to sleep in tomorrow.

Have you heard about A pirate helps ya search for people. Kind of. Maybe you want to find a high school sweetheart. Or maybe your kindergarten teacher. Use this site to access a handful of other people search sites. The site launched this week and you can read more about it here.


Anonymous said…
Your blog is wonderful!

Would you be willing to write a 500-800 word article about your Afganistan experience for the Apalachee Tortoise progressive monthly newspaper?

I just found your blog after Googling Tibetan monks (who, incidentally return to our city this month). The Tortoise's Feb. issue will focus on the Middle East and we're intersted in articles as well as first person essays and reseached opinion peaces.

Please contact me. I do not want to put my e-mail on your blog, but you can find me on the Tortoise site under "about us". My initials are LR and my e-mail is my first and last Nothing is between my first and last name and it's not case sensitive. If you can't figure out what my e-mail is, then just send an e-mail to the Tortoise's e-mail address. Jack will get it. Ask Jack to forward it to me. Please have something like Tortoise in the subject header so I don't accidentally delete it, thinking it's spam.

Your writing is fabulous. I hope you'll become a regular writer for us.

The Tortoise is volunteer-run, so we can't pay you, but we have a 5,000 circulation, so you can get nice exposure and make a big difference in our area.

If my Google user name shows up here, you also can message me there, but I don't read that account much.
Anonymous said… has cool new banners/buttons for friends of, now.

Also, Search-Pirate is set to launch a new feature that will let users purchase people searches at a discounted price from providers.
jhuber7672 said…
Hey Frank! Arrr! Thanks for stopping by. I'll make note and check out the changes - keep me posted so I can write a follow up! And LR, I'll get that article by deadline :)