A Week in the Life of QK Girl

It's been a busy week, especially with an off-site work retreat for a couple of nights. Since so much is happening, I'll post a few photos of a visit to the Suwanee River, White Springs, Fla. and Flagler Beach. Well, you're not going to really recognize White Springs or Flagler Beach. We had some interesting meals in each of those cities.

We grazed the buffet of home-cooked meals at the Telford Hotel in White Springs. Chicken pot pie and red velvet cake, mmm, mmm! Definitely in the South.

In Flagler Beach, we pulled into a motel parking lot saying, "this can't be the Blue Topaz." We were told no jeans were allowed. But surprisingly, a delicious little upscale restaurant is in the center of a funky old hotel, decorated with antiques, treasures from the past and plain old junk. More on that another time.

In my writing world, I was surprised to see that my interview with the Queen of Sky is eligible for a nice prize from AC. I'm honored to be considered, but really don't think I have a chance at winning. But a gal can hope, right? Even though, it's very cool to be "nominated." Wonder what I need to wear on awards day???

And don't miss my latest interview, that with a young tennis pro named Jennifer Magley who turned a breakup into a cool Web site devoted to breaking up, making up and moving on. My favorite thing on her site? An upcoming auction to sell gifts given by old flames!

In my personal world, been thinking about my New Years Resolutions and compiling a "best QK Girl posts of 2006." We'll see how that will come along.

My sister sent this to me, cute. Insert your picture of that of a loved one for that customized scene.

In one week I'll be in Buffalo, brrr. Can't believe Christmas is here! OK, gotta run, going to see Rachael Ray tomorrow so need to get ready. Enjoy the images.