Live Giant Squid Caught on Tape

And now it's dead. Reuters reported yesterday that Japanese scientists released a video showing a relatively small giant squid (3.5 meters or 11 feet 6 inches for those of metric-challenged) being reeled in. It's the largest ever captured on video and apparently, the largest caught alive.

The team leader of the scientific research team, Tsunemi Kubodera is quoted as saying, "Nobody has ever seen a live giant squid except fishermen."

Well guess what? No one else is going to see this giant squid alive because now it's dead in the name of research (but can you imagine the calamari?)

Do we really need to kill things in order to understand how they live? Wouldn't more value come from studying behaviour than dissection?


Anonymous said…
Some people are so into disecting animals to study them. They should have thrown it back into the water to live and let divers study it.

We are suppose to be in charge of animals and some people are doing a horrible job.