Glad I Don't Have Kids (or an Xbox)

Have you seen this??? The big-headed plastic freak (aka: Burger King) has teamed up with Microsoft to create three Xbox games for the holiday season, at $3.99 each. I found some commentary on the games, pretty funny. And glad I'm not alone in thinking the King is creepy. Apparently in one of the games, the King sneaks up on unsuspecting, hungry citizens. Sounds a bit stalkish to me. Read this review.

I do have to commend Microsoft and BK for cross-marketing, though. If the King wasn't such a freak, this would be a really groovy move.


Anonymous said…
I personally wouldn't want the games but the commercials are Hilarious!!
jhuber7672 said…
Hey Jonathon. I actually like the commentary of the video games but the commercials still give me the heebie jeebies :)