Freaks in the Fast Food World

My stomach is turning while watching ABC's 20/20. How STUPID can people be? The short of it is (you can read the complete story), an assistant manager of a Mount Washington, Kentucky McDonald's received a phone call from a man stating to be a law enforcement official. The caller said an employee at the restaurant had stolen a purse and the employee needed to be contained in the office until the police arrived.

In the meantime, the caller instructed the assistant manager to make the young employee (18 years old; technically an adult but YOUNG!) remove all of her clothing. Fast forward - the caller instructed the assistant manager to bring in her boyfriend (some big, fat old guy) to watch the young employee. The sickos (the caller and the big, fat old boyfriend) have the employee do jumping jacks naked, spanks her for at least 10 minutes and has her perform oral sex. This poor girl was contained for two hours. If it weren't caught on the security camera, no one would probably believe the story.

Turns out, incidents like this happened throughout the country. Other fast food restaurants received calls and managers acted on the caller's instructions, which included strip searching employees and in one reported case, performing a cavity search on a patron! Gives a whole new meaning to, "You want fries with that?"

Once again I ask, what kind of freaks are out there who think this is acceptable behavior???? I'm not just referring to the caller, but the mindless fast food managers who only see black and white. The McDonald's Employee Manual has a page basically stating no employee will be strip searched by any McDonald's staff member or law enforcement official.

The whiner Mount Washington former-assistant manager says she didn't know that was in the manual. It's probably because she can't read. I just CANNOT believe she's on 20/20. If she thought she'd be defending herself, she's only making herself look more like an idiot than an innocent victim.

Having spent about five years working in fast food, I've worked with some pretty dim-lit managers, but none of them would have fallen for this sick hoax.


Anonymous said…
I cant believe I didnt think of this when I was working in mgt. I used to work with some really hot chicks!

I read the story about your wedding. Very funny. Has Peter read it?
Anonymous said…
I couldn't believe that A) they continued to do what the caller said after having her empty her pockets and B) the manager was so stupid! Anything after having her empty her pockets, I would have said, you know what, I'm gonna just have the cops come here and do this. I saw the video from 20/20 on Comcast news and I was floored!! The manager and the boyfriend are ignorant and deserve any legal ramifications. Once the caller said "call your fiancĂ©e in here and give him the phone", any intelligent person would have hung up and dealt with the consequences if the real cops showed up. I thought the boyfriend was in on it when the caller told him to have the girl give him a blowjob. This is disgusting. The manager shouldn’t have done the 20/20 interview because she made herself out to be dumber than a box of rocks, denying what you can see plainly on the video. I’m glad McD’s fired her and I hope the girl can deal with this emotionally.
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Anonymous said…
It probably was that plastic headed freak from Burger KIng
jhuber7672 said…
Anonymous: You're scaring me! Glad you like my wedding tale, dunno if Peter's read it, but if you forward it to him, be sure to give him my regards.

Kellykel: In total agreement. My god, how STUPID is that woman??? I am wondering about the victim's lawsuit against Mickey D's, she's asking for $200 million (!!!). Can Mickey D's be held responsible for hiring an idiot???

Sarcasticynic: ??? Where did you go???

CWAC: Oh, I'm quite sure the plastic, big-headed freak from BK would be capable of this insanity.
JA, I deleted my comments because I later learned the points I made were moot.