Thanksgiving: It's About the Bird & Stuff

Thanksgiving is about the journey. The photo below shows me and 31.7 million of my closest friends on the road Wednesday. Not everyone plays nice on the highway. Careless driving caused wrecks here and there, which caused rubber-necking and backed-up traffic. Ugh! I also realized that 18-wheeler trucks passing me while I'm pushing 80 mph scare me. The joy of travel over the holidays.

Thanksgiving is about family and friends. Spent Thanksgiving with friends but stopped at the local state park to see some relatives. Uncle smoked a turkey (didn't stick around long enough to taste it), kids ran around and I spotted alligators on the river bank. Uncle's in-laws were there; I left Sarasota 1.5 years ago and none of them knew! These are times when I feel invisible and awkward in the world. I did get to catch up with Kathy and Matt-A over the weekend, always nice to see them; Kathy's parents were there, too.

Thanksgiving is about the bird. Thursday afternoon, while walking the cat (around the backyard), Zelda Mae and I were outside when she spotted something blue under the bushes. A blue parakeet hopped and chirped. Not sure if it was a neighborhood pet or wild, but after a few screeches (from me, not the bird), we somehow managed to corral it into a cage. Not sure what to do with it next, I later went to feed it - by opening the door. The bird made the great escape, so I'm pretty sure the little thing is wild.

Thanksgiving is knowing you can always return home. Returning to Sarasota is always strange. Sometimes I feel as though I'm away at college (especially this go around when I brought a laundry basket full of dirty cloths). It's not my "true" home, but one where I have sprouted roots. While I've enjoyed many good times, I'm reminded of self-perceived, personal failures. I'm my toughest critic and when I figure out how to ease-up on myself, I will exceed my dreams. In the meantime, "my people" (in their own special ways) continue to inspire and remind me that know matter what one's faults, you can always go home.