How Bad is Bad?

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, we had what's called "snow days." Days when schools, and usually businesses, were closed due to massive snow fall. Sometimes, these snow storms hit early in the day, forcing schools to close early (they also seem to hit on Friday afternoons so everything was cleared away in time for school on Monday morning). Well today in Tallahassee, schools closed early and so did my office, due to bad weather moving in. This is Florida!!!! There are no hurricanes out there, how bad will the weather be tonight??? I did park far away from any trees though, just in case.

Anyway, have you been checking out my friend Cordelia's blog lately? She's winding down her multi-month trip to India. She recently posted photos of her journey. Stunning. Makes me want to travel to India, among other places. Pay her blog a visit, you won't be disappointed.