Fired for Blogging, Former Flight Attendant Publishes World's First

Two years ago, Ellen Simonetti, aka: Queen of Sky, was fired from Delta Air Lines for photos posted on her blog, Diary of a [Fired] Flight Attendant. Since then, she's filed a lawsuit against Delta and has been educating bloggers about employer backlash due to blogging.

She's also published the World's first novel in blog format called, Diary of a Dysfunctional Flight Attendant: The Queen of Sky Blog, which includes the first nine months of her blog, including her termination.

I recently interviewed Queen of Sky, and this is what she had to say about this blogging business. Read the interview here.


Anonymous said…
It was an interesting read. I , too, can almost see Drew Barrymore playing the lead in the movie!!
TimanfayAir said…
I have had similar problems with my ex employers. Alot of which I have put on my blog "TimanfayAir", (this is my day to day feelings). I also have a 2nd blog "So what happens now?" for more political/controversial statements. They can both be found on

PS: The book was excellent!
jhuber7672 said…
Thanks for stopping by, timanfayair. I'll have to check out your blogs. I think this will be a growing issue between employers and bloggers. Or even between bloggers with clients.

I agree the Queen of Sky's book was great, I have a book review of it pending with a publication.