Before I Call It a Night

Before I cozy up on the sofa with my glass of wine to watch America's best train wreck television, "The Bachelor Rome," (because, don't these "girls" realize their hearts are going to be crushed into a million little pieces???) thought I'd share:

Yes, my writings WILL be included in this Asian-guidebook series, probably because I traveled to some pretty obscure places in Japan. But publication isn't until early fall 2007. So still, "bummer."

And, forgot to mention that I finally made AC's "editors pick" list over the weekend with my story about meeting Dubya. I'm not feeling too comfortable with that site these days. It's a bit controversial in the writing world whether it's a site for writing or not. I know the extra dough has been nice, but me thinks it's time to back away from the AC.

Not sure what to get me for Christmas this year? Well check out this site for some nifty and groovy ideas from Great American Days. My number one pick is the "Special Forces Training." All the training without enlisting.