Vancouver Journey Winding Down

Sadly, I head back home tomorrow. On a 6 a.m. flight - what was I thinking???

Vancouver is a fantastic city. It has west coast-attitude and is not overwhelming. I've been able to practice my minimal French and Japanese in this multi-cultural hub. Vancouver is the gateway to Asia and is a place to watch over the next few decades, as China opens up. Here are some more observations during my visit:
  • Despite cheap, good sushi restaurants being everywhere, most are not staffed by Japanese.
  • Like any major city, homeless are everywhere. Either begging on the street with their lazy dog or sleeping on the sidewalks.
  • History seems to be lost in downtown. Old, historic buildings with character don't seem to exist. Lots of glass and steel going up. The reason, I'm told, is because Vancouver is a very desirable place to live and it's running out of room to build, so it's building upwards.
  • The Canadians are more environmentally conscious. I had mentioned about the electrically charged taxis, but the trash cans on the streets have "holders" to place recyclables. The thought being, I think, is rather than toss the bottle/can in the bin, just place it in a holder wrapping the bin.
  • Temperatures are mild. I saw a banana tree, with little bananas growing on it, the other day. I'm pretty sure we couldn't grow bananas in Buffalo.
  • Well, I'm sure there are more, but I need to run.