My Lucky World

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky or unlucky person? Although I don't think I've had a perfect life (does anyone, really?), I think I'm lucky. Ok, I KNOW I'm lucky. I'm not making this statement to be arrogant, it's just the way I see things and accept what happens to me. Despite my low points, I know I have what's important and will end up on my feet.

I also know that I haven't been handed "luck," it's a state of mind and attitude. It's realizing I make my own luck and depend on me rather than sitting around waiting for the world to hand over opportunities. The world has given me the keys and tools, but that's because I earned it and asked.

I used to be overly concerned with jobs I was given. Obsessed that I was given those jobs solely because of who I was engaged/married to. Maybe they were given to me for that reason, but I proved myself; not only to those who doubted me but to me.

It's time for me to think how I can step things up and create a challenge to take me to my next level. One of the challenges in my life was spending the month in Japan. Two years ago this week I began that life-altering journey. One of the cities we stayed in was Hamamatsu. Learn more about Japan's "City of Music," here.

I'd love to have the freedom to live abroad. Unfortunately, debt ties me to the U.S. Does anyone know what the lottery's up to tonight?