I Should Be...

...writing. Not blogging, but writing. I've found venues which actually PAY me to write now, but I find ways not to. I get too distracted, my head still feels "fuzzy" - that's a good excuse! But am I giving up? Do I purposely want to fail? Or, am I afraid of success and the good that may come?
Sometimes I feel I have to fight to write - that it's in there, and when I pull it out, it's mighty good. But too often, I let content take control of my writing and life. I don't fight for things very often, only when I know (think?) it's worthwhile, but there are some things I've recently given up fighting for. Yup, this makes me sad for now, but I know (think?) in the long run it all will be good. The Magic 8-Ball confirmed this. (I'm kidding! I haven't consulted the Magic 8-Ball in a long while.)

Oh, and if you're wondering about the 7-day eHarmony trial, I'm just not feeling the love. Two out of three friends polled think I should cancel the membership and what will be, will be. I've learned my friends are usually right; this time I'll listen.