Addendum to the 300th Blog Post

I can't believe I left this out of my last post about my mundane week.

Wednesday after work, a couple of friends were invited to taste the yummy treats of the Culinary Institute at Keiser College. The invite stated something like, "taste," "learn," and "have fun." The event began at 6:30 p.m., so we didn't eat - we were heading to a culinary school for goodness sake.

Sadly, it was a bit of a let down. The entire hour we spent in front of a very talented baker (one of the instructors and occasional celebrity chef on the morning news) who decorated cakes and made a jelly roll for us. Now, two people were there when we arrived, then our posse of four and that's it. Not an easy thing to escape from. While sitting, Carolyn kept whispering, "I don't think this is it." I kept starring at the invite, trying to see if I missed something and replied, "yeah, I think it is."

I then tried to figure out an escape plan, do I get up like I'm going to the bathroom and not return? That wouldn't work, my car was parked out front, in plain view of the huge window of the classroom. Carolyn did the "bathroom" thing, but went to find someone from the college and returned with the bad news: yes, we were in the right place.

After one cake was completely decorated and a jelly roll was prepared, we were given a slice of the extremely sweet baked good. The cake sat uncut and that's the way we left it. After a day of swallowing about a dozen Pixi Sticks (there will be no elaboration as to why), sugar was the last thing I needed.

We were then led through the school's kitchens, where student bakers tempted us with a stack of Neiman Marcus cookies and soon-to-be chefs prepared protein-rich meats. Our tummies rumbled.

"I bet they have something set up for us at the end of the tour," Carolyn guessed.

"I don't think so." And I was right.

This evening was a push for enrollment in the Associates program - requiring a 40-hour per week commitment for a month, per class. Not ideal for the 9 - 5 (or 7:45 - 4:45) employee who travels. We are interested in something like a continuing ed class, which maybe meets once a week for a month or something on a Saturday (we were also looking for something satisfying to eat - even a cracker with a smear of Cheeze Wiz).

After leaving, we each drove like maniacs to find dinner: I chose Publix, others chose the fast food options.

Working in tourism, I should know by now to ALWAYS eat prior to attending a reception, etc., even if it is just a crack with a smear of Cheeze Wiz. On a positive note, we think we've found culinary classes to fit our schedules.