The 300th Post

Yup, kids, this is my 300th post on this blog. Yippee! Now, I have been blogging (albeit rarely) on my Tallahassee blog and my Afghanistan blog, but Quirky-Kitsch Girl's View has been my primary focus. I've been thinking of starting another blog, but haven't moved forward. Gotta keep up with what I have!

I realize I need to provide an update from the week, so here it goes:
Last Friday, the leopard ears, tail, vinyl, boots, et al were ready to party with the Pagans, but, I didn't go :( I know. The person I was to go with had a family emergency so I didn't make it. But, I did have a great time at another friend's 'Save the Breast' Birthday Bash.

Saturday was spent writing and deep cleaning. I was expecting company later in the week and thought it a good idea to clean. Well, fast forward to the week and no visitor, but at least I have a sparkling clean apartment for a while. And I've realized how more productive I can be in a clean, clutter-free place (regardless of what's hiding and stuffed in the closets and under the bed).

Saturday night was the ghost walking tour in Monticello, Florida - which is suppose to be the most haunted place in the Southern U.S. I guess it would have been a spooky tour if 75 other strangers didn't show up to take the tour. Worst of all, in my cleaning, I forgot to put my camera back in my purse!! So I didn't get any shots of orbs or other eerie things looming around (yes, some people did capture these on their cameras). Just means I'll have to make another trip back one night - any volunteers to join me?

The rest of the week was pretty boring, with the exception of the brisk cold front which lingered for a few days. These are the evenings when I LOVE snuggling into my feather-lush bedding and pulling out sweaters and knee-high boots in the morning. And being a second floor apartment, the first floor's heat seems to rise so I'm not running any heat or air, which means a drop in the electricity bill! Good times.

What did I write this week? Well, this piece about blogging. Guess it's no secret I enjoy blogging. It's free form writing. After more than a year of it (well, unless you count the site I used to have) and maybe a half-dozen loyal readers (I do have that many, right?), I enjoy sharing and expressing myself. Through the ups and downs of my life, it's been therapeutic. But, there are reasons not to blog, which is the focus of that before mentioned article.

I also conducted an interview with a relatively now-famous blogger who was fired for blogging. That article should be posted in a week or so. She worked in the travel business, too. Which made me even more interested in chatting with her.

In celebration of this milestone of the 300th post (there will be another celebration when I hit 1,000 MySpace profile visits, which I should reach next month), I'm going to crack open a bottle of bubbly I purchased in Paris on my way back from my Afghanistan trip. Cheers!


Anonymous said…
I would hope that you have more than half a dozen followers -Sarah, Liz and I make 3!I would like to think there are more than 3 others who follow your blog!