Some Uplifting News

I returned home today to an unexpected package from Italy: a beautiful black and white photo from Saverio, the only man on the trip to Kabul. The photo is beautiful and I'm touched. Be sure to visit his site and see his perceptions of the trip.

I also made my first post on the pay-to-blog site I had previously mentioned. The blog is Right now, the article (about Afghanistan - I know, you're all probably tired about my trip to Afghanistan!) is on the front page and I imagine it will be moved to the Afghanistan tab this week. So, stay tuned and I'll post updates (of course I will!) when I've contributed a new story.

Unlike the AC site I contribute to, my pay is known (which I like) and not based on page viewer history (Let me clarify, the wage I'm offered for a new article is based on how many page views I had on my LAST article and visitors to my home page. That's why I'm constantly emailing you all with my stories). A real positive is that I won't be writing with key word density for the blog- which I feel, makes me sound like an idiot. I'm a writer, a creative mind - I want a vast array of words vs. repeating the same word or phrase over and over again. But, I do still plan to contribute to AC, it's a decent site, but most of my travel (I hope) will end up on

As always, thanks for your support!


Anonymous said…
SO you have turned into a gnome?
jhuber7672 said…
Why yes, I've always wanted to gnow what it's like to where a beard :)
Anonymous said…
jhuber7672 said…
Oh dear, my fingers and mind didn't connect. Thanks, spelling police!