A Non-Post

So how am I spending this Labor Day? Before I get started, I really think there should be a movement to relocate Labor Day to the first Friday of September. My reason? Well, if this is a holiday for laborers, one cannot properly party on a Monday night and be expected to be productive in the office on a Tuesday morning. Having Friday off would make much more sense, the entire weekend would be there to recuperate.

Am I partying tonight? No. I'm writing, well, procrastinating is more like it. I've decided I'd rather see money come IN vs. going OUT.

Speaking of which, scored $2.49 gas today! Yippee! The last time I filled up, it was $2.99. That fifty-cents per gallon really makes a difference. If I could, I'd fill up containers and store them - like my hurricane water supply. I heard [crazy] talk that gas would be about $2 per gallon by November. Is that because it's close to election day?

I am sad about the untimely death of Steve Irwin. No, I never met him, but I know he did do some filming in the Everglades shortly after I left. Since I had once lived among crocodiles and alligators, I feel a bit of a connection.

Later will be work-work (ugh!) and maybe fixing a fine dinner. And how are you spending this day?