Bad Travel Ju-Ju

I boarded a plane at 10:30 this morning, expecting I'd be home in the late afternoon. It's 7:45 p.m., still not there. Apparently, a runway is closed for the next 60-days for resurfacing. The Delta gate agent in Cincinnati (don't ask why I was on a flight from Boston to Atlanta via Cincy), "avoid flying through Atlanta in the next couple of months. It's a mess." But you get anywhere from Tallahassee without going through Atlanta. At least I wrote about these handy tips to maximize my time in the airport.

In addition, I've spent a lot of time getting my CNN fix, I can always look and listen to Anderson Cooper. He's been in Afghanistan and reporting live throughout the week. Why couldn't my trip to Afghanistan coordinate with his?

What have I learned today? Well, from Delta's in-flight magazine Sky, that pets can transmit diseases to their human owners. In fact, there is a possibility that they can carry some sort of worm that when the pets lick their human, it can lodge in the human's brain or liver and eggs can be laid and tons of worms hatch in the human's body! Ewww!

That the American military has standards and a code of ethics (I'll have to do some more research about this). Apparently, a large gro up of Taliban militants (dozens) in Afghanistan could have been taken out by an unmanned spy plane, but we didn't do it. Nope. We follow the "rules of engagement" and we don't bomb cemeteries - the Taliban insurgents were apparently attending a funeral. I'm unfamiliar with the "rules of engagement," do these rules allow us to bomb civilian homes and rape and kill civilians?

It's just strange to me that war has rules. I mean, if we follow the rules, then why is there war? Rules just remind me of the British soldiers during the Revolutionary War, standing in perfect lines, waiting to be picked off. Perhaps, someone should review the rules for the 21st century.

Then I caught some silliness about the U.S. military not being able to test out some new weapons in Iraq until they are tested on U.S. civilians. What??? This weapon apparently stuns vs. kills and some guy name Wynne wants to make sure it works properly. Anyone willing to volunteer?