Secrets of the Southern Belles

Being surrounded by Southern women all week has me wondering: where do they find the men who can afford the big bling? I need to keep my sunglasses on when looking at their caret-sized engagement diamonds and diamond-encrusted wedding bands, usually set in platinum. I wonder how their dainty, little fingers can still function under the weight.

Suppose it's one of those mysteries of the South - Southern men buy Southern gals bling. But do Southern men buy Yankees the same? Or, is this their way out of not having to fork over the dough and maybe invest it in real estate?


Franny said…
Love your sense of humour. You're correct about the 'real estate'. It's all about priorities. Some ppl would rather have a 3 karat diamond and not worry about where they live or how they will pay for the wedding.
As for me, I opted for a small ring, allowing for a larger downpayment on a house. I still think it was a good deal!