High Tech Angels

Yesterday I wrote a post about my friend Kathleen Ronald's upcoming seminar on how to tap the most out of your angels. Today, I heard about Identity Angel, a program which trolls the Internet finding ways that people can steal your identity. This program does not steal your identity, it actually notifies you whether people can search the Internet and find the information they need to steal your identity. Needed information includes name, address, birthdate and social security number. An email is sent to the individual with tips on how they can make their identity more secure and to prevent identity theft.

The representative said that since Monday, about 5,000 email notifications have been sent to individuals. She said the most common source for this information is from resumes, such as on job posting boards or speaker's resumes for conferences.

If an angel drops you an email, don't assume it's spam or fraud. Just remember there is someone in cyber-space looking out for your well-being.