A Day Full of Oddities

Some days are stranger than others. Today leaned closer towards the side of strange:

The Merriam-Webster Word of the Day is: "thank-you-ma'am." Noun. Noun?!?!? Definition: "a bump or depression in a road; especially : a ridge or hollow made across a road on a hillside to cause water to run off." Oddly, the word's country of origin was not included; you know, words are commonly derived from Latin, French or German words. I imagine this one originated somewhere in the backwoods of the Southern United States. And how do I use this is a sentence? "Watch out for the thank-you-ma'am in the road up ahead." Will this word be popping up in the next spelling bee? How come we don't see yellow and black highway signs stating, "Thank-you-ma'am Ahead" when we have signs for "Bump Ahead?" Anyone interested in petitioning their local department of transportation on this one?

Running errands at lunch, I left a store and thought things looked a little hazy. It was because a truck was on fire. And rather than cars moving along and getting out of the way, they sat there watching the truck burn, until the police and fire department appeared. For the first time since I've had my camera, the battery was dead! So I can honestly say I was not one of the rubber-neckers holding up traffic.

A dog fell from the sky onto the company's warehouse. I didn't get to see this, but our mail person told us about it. He showed up at the warehouse this morning finding the police and fire department around the building. Apparently, someone saw this small, black dog jump out of the back of a pick-up truck, off the overpass bridge and land on the roof of the warehouse. The pup was alright, apparently being cushioned by the new roof recently put in place. He didn't have any ID on him and he was taken to the pound.

I love the lead in this story: "...adolescent male bottlenose dolphin is back to living nude...after making a potentially fatal wardrobe choice early this summer." Taken from a story written by William Mullen in today's Chicago Tribune, this tale tells how a dolphin in Sarasota Bay somehow got entangled and lived for about a month with a black Speedo brief. Let's face it, Speedo briefs don't belong on ANY mammal.

Early this summer, I heard about the cult-movie hit, Snakes on a Plane. Ironically, the movie doesn't play in theatres until tomorrow, yet, it's popularity has been growing. In fact, once word got out about it, Samuel L. Jackson went back to re-shoot some scenes. But a movie called Snakes on a Plane??? Yeah, with a hokey name like that, I'm real curious about it. Aren't you? In today's edition of BudgetTravelOnline.com, they feature an interview with a spokesperson with Frontier Airlines on what to do if you encounter snakes on your next flight.

I fly tomorrow. Let's hope it's a "normal" day.