Boston - I Really Love This City

I'm so glad I'll be back in Boston very soon. I LOVE this city! It's so easy to get around (granted, I didn't drive this time - I figured out the subway and train). Although it's the cradle of our liberty, it's youthful and vibrant. Historical nuggets are preserved throughout Beantown, in tourist attractions and in everyday life.

I was lucky, Mother Nature was on my side and the only rain was during the conference and late one night. Took in the many tastes of the city: finding an intimate sushi bar; lured by the aroma of garlic in Little Italy; blended with the locals at Dunkin' Donuts and savored fresh seafood. Yes, I live in Florida with access to fish, but in Boston I had cold-water fish like haddock and cod. Yummo!

An organic food market was right across my hotel the first night. I browsed the tent-covered stalls of fresh, vibrant veggies, teas, baked goods, crisp fruits and stunning wild flowers. Of course, a visit to Boston is incomplete without a visit to the original Cheers Bar, formerly the Bull and Finch Pub.

Enjoy these images of Boston!