At Least It Was a Good Hair Day

Ever since last week's check-cashing incident, I've been in a foul mood. It's just not that which has me feeling this way, I suppose it's been a snowball of things. Sunday morning - I was once again stopped and molested by TSA peeps. "You didn't do anything wrong, it's that you're the first passenger through."

BULL! I appreciate keeping the skies safe and understand safety measures, but EVERY MONTH I travel through Tallahassee Regional Airport, I'm selected to be patted down and show that I'm not hiding explosive devices on the bottom of my bare feet. It's also not random. Random would mean equal selection of males and females. Since only a female checker was available, only females were being selected. One time when I passed through I was again selected, but since a female checker wasn't available, I was let through. How does that make sense? Is securing our airports and planes just a numbers game? And I understand no racial profiling, but am I intentionally being profiled and picked out of the line because I'm a white female? Or, is Big Brother truly monitoring my activity.

My annoyance level jumped but was leveled off upon being upgraded to first class for the less than an hour flight. A bloody mary would have been excellent but I was picking up a car. Which leads to another big annoyance...

"Would you like the optional insurance?" Car rental clerk.

"No, thank you," me, the customer.

And so it began. The clerk would not take "NO" as answer. He continued using scare tactics until I finally said "yes" to the insurance. Knowing full well I would not be reimbursed for it. Trying to keep my cool, I wanted him to write on the contract that he used bullying techniques but wrote something lame and generic. Upon getting my car, I went to the on-site rental counter and told them I was not comfortable with the rental and asked them to take off the optional insurance because "no means no" and it's called "optional" for a reason. I then learned he wrote lies about our conversation on my account!!!! Yes, the annoyance escalated. But, I got the insurance taken off (crossing my fingers I DON'T have my first rental car accident) and went on my merry way to the north Georgia mountains.


Smell the fresh mountain air? Yeah, for someone with allergies, summertime in the mountains is a miserable experience. I've had a constant headache since I've been here. Just like college, "adults" return from late-night partying, are inconsiderate in realizing that others are just entering their REM stage of sleep. Am I the only one annoyed with the noise? No. Others have hauled their luggage to the nearest motels and they boast about a peaceful night sleep. The bed. Well, I feel like I'm sleeping on a diaper changing table for adults. The mattress is covered in plastic and I have to climb a couple of steps. A dresser is underneath.

So this afternoon I had off. Had considered visiting Unicoi or Amicalola Falls State Parks, but decided a visit to either would shake out ghosts (I remembered we had considered living up here). After following up on work and personal matters, there was time for a quick walk downtown. It was a brief time to mellow out.