A Sweet Melody

I did something I swore I would not. Shop at Best Buy. See, tonight my $50 PC bit the dust. Can't complain, I did get a full year's worth out of it. Not sure what it died of. Contrary to popular belief, I am only a beginning geeket, so all I can tell you about my machine is that the screen is black and the fan and red light are the only things operating on it.

And so, still finding my way around Tallahassee and not having a computer available to MapQuest Circuit City, I decided to give Best Bay another chance.

After 15 minutes of stalking the computer sales team, I realized I was wearing the wrong apparel for an evening of shopping among geeks. Those shoppers wearing Daisy Dukes (short, shorts) and tiny tank tops were doted on while those of us serious shoppers seeking to drop some serious dough were ignored.

While pulling up Circuit City on my crackberry, I headed towards Customer Service to ask, "do you know of any stores around here that sell computers?" But paused. The cell phone department staff were free.

Andrea restored my faith in Best Buy. She assisted me and others, never saying, "this is not my department."

Tonight I've set up my ultra-thin monitor, key board with way too many keys, the shiny silver tower with a pretty blue light and something I haven't had in a while: speakers. For the first time in a year, I now hear when I have an IM, can understand a video and oh yes, hear those sweet words, "you've got mail."