Inky Fingers

When the Iraqi people had the freedom to vote in 2005, they dipped their index finger in purple ink. This signified they had voted. For the first time, the world had a conceptual image of a liberated Iraqi.

What does it mean in America when we are asked to dip our fingers in ink? Freedom and liberation is the farthest thing from my mind. It's usually means we are suspected of doing "bad" things. A verification that we're not a criminal, or, a way to track our activities.

Today when I asked whether I can deposit this week's expense check without worries, I was instructed to go the company's bank, tell them to waive the check cashing fee and take the cash to my bank to deposit. And so I did. Which meant I had to fight with the cashier about waiving the check cashing fee, leave my thumbprint on the check and drive to my bank to make the deposit. In which I missed the cut-off to be counted in today's deposit.

I now look at my purple-inked thumb wondering...