Official Language of the United States?

I was half listening to the President's speech tonight - about the National Guard securing the Mexican border for a year. I'm pretty sure I heard the Prez say legal immigration is good. Also THINK I heard him say when immigrants legally live here, learning English opens doors for them.

I agree, it's nice when immigrants living here learn English. BUT, English is not the official language of the United States. There is no official language, yet. In addition to NOT having a language, we are illiterate when it comes to a second language. How many Americans can speak a second language? When we travel abroad, we assume the rest of the world to speak English, even in the most remote places of the planet. And you know what, these people usually know some English.

What does this say about us? Those Americans who can only speak one language? Are we ignorant or arrogant?

China is on the brink of being the next economic super power. Who's getting ready to conduct business with Chinese? Who's learning Mandarin?