What Happens When You Assume?

Upon entering Publix this weekend, I was greeted by a yellow-smocked woman holding a can. In bright red print, her smock read, "Knights of Columbus." The can she held, also yellow with red print read, "Help the Retarded." Is there something wrong with that? Isn't it politically incorrect to say that? Or, maybe their goal isn't to assist the mentally challenged but the truly retarded - those who cannot drive, read traffic signs, etc.

At Taco Bell today (yes, this is my fast food indulgence for the week), a sign was posted which read "Our employees wash and sanitize their hands." Are you kidding me??? There are some things I assume in a restaurant (fast food or not) and clean hands is obviously a big assumption. Maybe they're behind the times, like those little mom and pop motels which advertise "free HBO" and "air conditioning." (note to you non-road warriors, you shouldn't get excited about free HBO and air conditioning; get your jollies from free wi-fi, complimentary hot breakfast or better yet, free happy hour). Or, maybe I need to stop assuming...


Anonymous said…
Hey Jenn

I got a kick out of your comments on hotel ads. Here in Oneonta, NY there is a motel that still advertises "Color TV" Leah and I walk by it occasionally and find it rather amusing.

BTW, I've really been enjoying following your blog. It's great to see what you're up to after all these years.

jhuber7672 said…
Color TV - I forgot about that one! Always good to hear from you :)