It's a Freakin' Small World...

So my friend Matt calls me Saturday and I'm thinking, hmm, this a nice surprise that he's calling out of the blue. Following some chit chatting about our weekend, he proceeds to tell me that this girl comes over to his house to discuss creating a website for him. I'm thinking, "that's nice."

And this girl asks, "do you have a friend named Julie in Tallahassee?" He replied to her, "no." When he tells me this, I can't believe he forgot how he dubbed me "Julie" during last year's Japan trip (I acquired the affectionate nickname due to my organizational skills and knowing down to the minute what the day's itinerary consisted of and what uniform we were to wear for the next day).

He then proceeds that this girl says that his house is on the Internet. When he heard this, he got concerned, very concerned. "Why would my house be on the Internet?" She then pulled up this blog and he replied, "it seems familiar."

I'm feelin' hurt again! I asked, "didn't you recognize the picture of me!?"

So here is the comment posted by a very Surly Chick:

OK, this is starting to get just plain freaky. I read this post of yours earlier this week, admiring the photo your friend's house - thinking I'd never seen a living room that cool in Sarasota. So, then I go along with my daily life and end up meeting up with an acquaintance to talk about work. We got along really well so he invited me to an event yesterday. I met him at his house, and while he took a shower, I looked around. And suddenly, I'm standing at the entrance to his living going "This is the room. This is the room from her blog." So, he gets out of the shower, and I go "Do you know someone from Tallahassee who recently visited you?" What a microscopic world!

See - she agrees that Matt's home is way cool, too.

And isn't it an amazingly, small world we live in...