The Cloud of the "Displacement" Effect

It's not necessarily called writer's block, but the displacement effect, at least that's what a post on the BBS on says. See, I KNOW what I want to write, I've started four stories two weeks ago but I can't seem to sit down and finish them. I sit in front of the computer, fingers arched over the keyboard, stare at the monitor and ... nothing.

I decide it's time to wash the dishes, put the laundry away, recycle magazines, shred personal documents and surf the web. I then get an urge to write, to massage an existing sentence, or restructure an entire paragraph, but can't seem to get anything done, lately.

Unfortunately, it's at night when I seem to get my burst of creativity, which conflicts with my sleeping schedule for the job that pays the bills. I write away until past midnight and when I go to bed, I think. And think. Then write - so I don't forget.

Perhaps I need to be more disciplined and eliminate my distractions, what ever they may be.