Time to Contemplate

At least thirteen hours were spent in my car this weekend. I headed to Sarasota, a place I consider my second home. It's as though I'm temporarily in Tallahassee and return to my roots every so often.

The drive seems to get longer each time I make the journey, especially the last ninety minutes. But, it's worth it, to see family and friends although I regret not being able to spend "proper" time with everyone - trying to divide myself accordingly.

Two bottles of wine split between myself and ZeldaMae not only resulted in a slight hangover this morning, but a surge of creativity. Alcohol seems to be a bit of a truth and creative serum. I recently heard Gordon Bethune speak, former CEO of Continental Airlines, speak and he agreed. "Over a bottle of wine, we came up with the brilliant idea of flying where people want to go."

Anyway, back to me...With TWO bottles of wine, something incredibly cool evolved from our brainstorming binge. I can't share it (right now), as details need to be worked out

Well, I don't want to jinx anything since details still need to be worked out, but something truly cool came out of brainstorming binge.