One and a Half Out of Six: New Year's Goals

Well, pursuit of accomplishing my goals for 2006 has been somewhat pitiful. I have one trip abroad planned and that's half a goal (although I've been considering the Burning Man Festival - which could probably count as an international travel destination).

But, I am proud of my proactive efforts to publish more of my work. After much procrastination, I've finally registered with iTravelSyndicate and Associated Content (AC). I haven't posted anything on AC yet, I'm still trying to figure it out.

I'm questioning whether sites like AC are diminishing the definition of journalism, reporting and plain ol' writing. The good and the bad of the web is that everyone can be an expert on just about anything. I suppose this technology (the web) was created to share information and sites like AC or Constant-Content help fulfill that request. They have given us the tools to empower us.

I wonder when we are going to reach a saturation point with those types of sites, as well as Blogs. If everyone is posting on content sites or blogging, who's going to read it? And when is the bubble going to burst with pay-per-click advertising? Is it an intentional circle that we write, post then visit another blogger's or content producer's site and click on their ad? Which puts a dime or two in their pocket. Is that reader a true consumer with an interest in that product? Will the advertisers continue to feel the return on investment?

These are questions for talking heads to discuss. For now, I will continue working on fulfilling my dream.


Anonymous said…
I would LOVE to go to Burning Man - it just looks so crazy and interesting. Plus, I'm all about public nudity. Let me know if you make plans and/or go. I'd love to hear more about it. By the way, I took down my blog links, but I'm putting them back up right on my blog face so fear not.
jhuber7672 said…
My interest in Burning Man is the culture, too. I'll look into that Sarasota group ...and sorry for the delay post, I'm still getting orientated upon my return from Kabul.