I'm Old

I had an epiphany today. I've accepted the reality that I've become more "voluptuous" since Thanksgiving (yup, there are 15 more pounds of me now than then - guess it wasn't the dryer shrinking my cloths). But this isn't the epiphany.

This is: the realization that I'm old. My doctor had braces and looked barely 25.

While living in Sarasota, I was considered a baby in a community of retirees. When I went to the doctor's office then (last time in June), the nurses and doctors discussed strokes, cholesterol levels and arthritis. In Tallahassee, I seem ancient surrounded by college campuses. The health care workers in this clinic discussed HIV and syphilis tests and how lesions are healing.

Looking at myself in the mirror over the past few days, I've noticed persistent circles under my eyes. My skin has lost its elastic spring. I need to trim nose hairs and pluck stray, wiry hairs that pop up in odd places. I can no longer stay up until 2:00 AM and rise and shine at 7:00 AM. This is the part of the aging process that I didn't learn about in school.