Freaked Out Or Flattered?

I don't know whether I should be freaked out or flattered by tonight's room service waiter. I'm eating dinner in because the property I'm staying at misplaced my boxes (they had them four hours ago) and I have to wait in my room until they resurface.

So, after a cordial greeting and showing me the flowers on the room service tray, he asks, "how many kids do you have?"

"Oh," to my reply.

"Are you married?"

I learn he's Italian and now calls Nashville home. He then offers me some gum (perhaps he smelled the grilled onions from today's lunch).

He then proceeds to ask whether I was visiting for leisure or business, etc. and offers to take me out on the town either later tonight or tomorrow night and that it's "O.K." He gave me his cell phone number. He asked what I liked to drink and ran and got me a soda!

He kissed my hand good night.

What should my reaction be? Perhaps I'm just not used to attention...