Burger King: Very Disturbing

Well, BK did it again. You may recall my post about the freaky Burger King television commercials. Now, the BK marketing team has used Super Bowl to demonstrate to the world how far they can push the limits of bizarre. This time, we have been introduced to "The Whopperettes:" scantly-clad girls dressed as Whopper condiments who are tossed onto a bun (which is another girl). Now, the ketchup is exploded out of a cannon ignited by the creepy King himself - is there suppose to be some symbolism there? Guess it's better it's ketchup vs. Mayonnaise!

And, why aren't there any male Whopperettes? All of the "characters" are females, except for the King. Can I assume that BK is gearing their marketing to the 16 - 35 male demographics? Are they encouraging men to EAT women? Are they implying that all women are meat?

If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing the commercial, here's a link to the site: www.whopperettes.com and select "Super Bowl Spectacular." Please, view at your own risk. And listen if I got the words right, after listening four times, I'm pretty sure the girls sing: "ask the freaky king for a Whopper your way."

Thanks Val, for bringing this to my attention :)