2006 Winter Olympics: Is Anyone Watching?

Have I missed the buzz surrounding the winter Olympics? I cannot name one Olympic athlete - American or not - who is competing in this year's games.

Over the years, I recall being excited about the games. And, Olympic-themed commercials, television ads, etc. only came out around Olympic time. While in school, I remember having our own Olympic games. Or, school work would revolve around the games. In the work-place, there were all sorts of themes and competitions.

With the onslaught of reality television, we are surrounded by competition of some sort 24/7. From "Survivor" to "The Bachelor" to "American Idol" to the "Amazing Race" - we as television consumers are saturated with competition. The original reality television performers are the Olympic competitors - not only did we cheer for them in our living rooms, but we watched their interviews with sportscasters to learn about their personal lives. They became part of our lives.

In today's society, we are letting reality TV "performers" into our living rooms daily. We talk (gossip) about them at work like they are our good friends.

We have become so jaded that the spirit of athletic competition is no longer important. We care more about how many maggots a contestant will eat or which young woman will receive the final rose over the pursuit for a gold medal.

I guess we will know these athletes' names once they star on "Celebrity American Dancing Survivors - Olympic Edition..."