Philly Cheese Steak: The Secret

Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell spoke today during the conference I'm attending in Philadelphia. He revealed the errors people make when trying to recreate an authentic Philly Cheese Steak:

1. They use good, quality meat. The guts of a Philly Cheese Steak should be the fattiest, stringiest meat one can find.
2. They use real cheese. The goo on the cheesesteak should be Cheese Whiz - so it can flow properly into the crevices of the meat.
3. Upon grilling onions, the grease is drained off. An authentic cheese steak will have the grease and the grilled onions.

The Governor quipped that the Surgeon General advises only one of these be eaten every three days. I'll see if my body can handle it. Thanks, Gov. Rendell.