Creatures Who Warm Our Hearts

When I was a kid, I recall getting upset with one of my cousins when he told me that a man's best friend was a dog and a woman's best friend was a diamond. I wanted a woman's best friend to be at least some kind of animal - if not a dog, maybe a cat.

Perhaps it's the unconditional love they give that warms my heart. But, having pets is a lot of work. Growing up, we had dogs, cats, chickens and goats. I'm not really sure what my parents were thinking when they told us we were getting goats, but we had them. My favorite memories of "Hazel" and "Gobbles" were the backyard goat races, them aways butting my little sister and frequently coming home from school to find them wandering the yard (and the neighbor's yard) - meaning they escaped their pen in the barn.

I would love to have some sort of pet now, perhaps not a goat, don't think the landlord would appreciate that, but something that is low maintenace. In reality, my lifestyle of traveling doesn't really permit it - it wouldn't be fair to whatever creature I adopted.

For now, I'll have to make nice with the dust bunnies, roaches and occasional cricket that make their way into my home.