At What Age Do Guys Change?

When I was going to elementary school, I played football and hockey while my female classmates were playing with Barbi and fawning over Donny Osmond. Yet, most of the boys had crushes on me. In first grade, I remember the coolest boy in class sent me an elaborate Valentine's Day card. I was so embarrassed that I hid it.

Maybe because I wasn't like most of the girls was what the boys were attracted to. I wasn't "girly," and not into frilly things and liked outdoorsy and hands-on activities. Yup, I was a tomboy. But, whatever I was doing, boys were attracted to it.

Upon reaching junior high school, the boys turned their attention to the "girly-girls." Those wearing makeup and frilly dresses. That was during the 1980s.

Out on the dance floor tonight, I'm reminded by that confusing transition boys go through: guys who change their mind and are no longer interested in someone with similar interests to them, but attracted to selfish, high maintenance women who engage in nonsense games. Perhaps it's the pursuit and ultimate conquest men are interested in. Or maybe, I'm attracted to men who are attracted to "arm ornaments" because their intellectual needs are met through other means.