What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

It's been a while since my last post and so you're going to have to deal with me going off on all sorts of tangents.

Let's begin here:

Road Warrior: I don't know why my intended quick trips home to Buffalo become extra long weekends. I've been home twice in the past 7 months and twice, I had extremely delayed flights up and flights cancelled on the way back. What made it worse this time is that I was scheduled to start my new job today! But, due to Hurricane Dennis, my flights were cancelled Sunday. Luckily, my new employer was very understanding. My day began at 4:30 a.m. and I eventually made it into the office around 3 p.m. My flight to Atlanta was diverted to Columbia, SC. I hope the airline will give me miles for that extra segment...I never have bad travel juju when I travel for business, only when I go home to Buffalo. What does it mean? That I need to schedule more time at home?

Homecoming: I always have mixed emotions about going home and leaving it. I'm 35, when does the feeling of being 12 ever go away? It's always great to see everyone; see how my siblings, my niece and nephew and childhood friends have grown up; see how the landscaping has matured - especially all those trees my father had planted in the back yard. It was nice to see my parents, too, along with all of my aunts and uncles on my mother's side. And, can't forget Grandma who keeps the whole lot in line! Of course, whenever the family gets together, "it's all about the food." One of my uncles said he fasted all week, knowing what was in store over the weekend. My contribution to Saturday's pig roast included: laying out the tent; inflating air mattresses; filling water balloons; test riding the hay ride and "other duties as assigned." There are stories to share and I have to figure out how to craft them in order to "protect the innocent."

Urban Archeologist: I should have been an archeologist. I spent a few hours digging in the woods, hunting for whatever remnants from the 1940's - 1960's. I found a few cool things including a little tin bowl, fully intact. A treasure I found when growing up in our garden was a ceramic bottle cap from the early 1900's. I love piecing history with "regular" stuff.

Newbie: A few weeks back I had a dream about my first day of work. It went something like those dreams in school where you walk into class and forgot to study for a major exam. My dream went something like not dressing properly, not combing my hair, not having a clue what to do. My nightmare was somewhat realized when I couldn't make it in at 8:00 a.m. today because of my flight! But again, they were very understanding, being road warriors themselves. I felt so welcomed today and really felt that people truly enjoy their jobs with this company. I'm very excited about the road ahead.


  • I received the perfect writing lead for me today, "Rack: Women Write About Their Breasts." It's an anthology being published early next year and not intended to be sexual in nature. Every mammal has 'em! Apparently, the editor boasts a 36-D; I think she's met her match!
  • And, one of my favorite artists, Jules Burt, is hosting the perfect hike for divas this September, it's the High Heel Hike, benefiting National Music Foundation. I'm gonna have to clear my calendar and see if I can round up some other girls to partake in this "hike."