Thoughts for a Thursday

Ugh! I feel so bloated! I think last weekend's binge of eating has caught up with me. In 3 days, I think I've regained the 40 pounds I've lost over the past few years. Physical activity is on this weekend's agenda.

Received an email from my mom, she's concerned she and my family are included as the "innocent" I mentioned in my previous post. Sorry, you and Dad aren't, but give me some time. She also wrote that my grandma one-upped me on my Buffalo Airport experience. She and my mom had to evacuate the building in order for bomb sniffing dogs could investigate a suspicious package. When all was clear, everyone lost their line in security and it was more of a nightmare than Monday's line. Alas, Grandma made it back to Florida.

Had my first official overnight visitors yesterday. My friend Kathy and her husband Matt were passing through on their way home from a visit to Denver. It was good to see the two of them. As always, the visit was too short.

I saw a car mechanic riding his bike yesterday morning. Is it a bad sign when the car mechanic rides a bike? I can only imagine that his car wouldn't start for his morning shift and he had to peddle it to work.

One more day for both Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter!