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Today was my first full day in my new home alone. The cable guy was supposed to be here between 9 - 1 today. I unpacked and put things away and found things to do in order to avoid unpacking. At 12:45 there came a knock on the door and a GORGEOUS basket of house plants were delivered. A "welcome to my new home" from Zelda Mae. So, here is a picture of the plants and a glimpse into the progress I'm making in decorating my new home. Thank you, Zelda!

I ended up calling the cable company at 2 p.m. and seems as though they had no record of a service tech coming out to my place! They allege that someone will be out on Wednesday - maybe I'll just pull a Kramer (from Seinfeld). I had to go to the UPS office, too, to pick up my modem for high speed internet because for some reason when UPS delivered it, they didn't think anyone lived here. After spending a frustrating hour trying to get it to work I finally gave in and called the tech support line (I'm like a guy that way, I don't like reading the instructions and hate asking for directions and help).

Turns out, the phone company hadn't connected the high speed access for the phone line and it should be done by tomorrow afternoon.

I also ventured to WalMart, with intentions of picking up one thing but came out with a basket full of things I didn't realize I needed until I saw them. I did restrain myself when I saw posters from Napoleon Dynomite and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Selfishly, I really love WalMart. Where else can you go to get your car oil changed, hair cut, eye exam, grocery shop, family pictures taken, film developed and shop for those cheap things you didn't realize you needed? Only in America, only in America.


Anonymous said…
Nice pad! Do I see a little Japanese flare going? I'm happy for you, Jenn. Looks like Dennis is on his way to visit you.