Friday Night and I'm Behind a Computer

Yes, I know it's Friday night and I'm behind a computer. And for now, that's OK with me. I think my college years did me in on Friday nights. Way back when, my Friday's began with 5 o'clock Happy Hour (for the free "meal") and went until the bars closed at 2 a.m. (Sometimes the weekends began on Thursdays).

These days, I'm very much a content introvert, which is ironic, considering I have a job in sales. People who know me find it hard to believe when I tell them this, but every time I interact with people, especially new people, I'm doing it out of my comfort zone. I like being around people and have a good network of friends, I just like to be the one "choosing" the interaction. With that said...

Tomorrow me and one of the gals from work are going to Florida Caverns State Park. First, I'm just amazed that Florida HAS caves!! CAVES in Florida!! With a background in geology, you know I'm just in Heaven. There is so much to discover in this state and I consider everything I'm doing as research for my online guidebook (which I should be working on now; along with some stories which are due to the editor at the end of the week *sigh* procrastination).

Second, when I told the office what I did last weekend (which I still need to post) they thought it was so cool. When asked who I went with and I replied, "just me." Everyone said "awwww." One person said she felt sorry for me! I asked, "why? I can definitely keep myself entertained." But, almost everyone decided that they need to ask me about the cool stuff to do in the area and tag along.

When I was asked what I was going to do tomorrow, I got the "cool" responses again and invited anyone who wanted to come along. So tomorrow, another adventure awaits as I go spelunking.