40's Coming Down the Pike

I'm barely getting over the fact that I turned 35 this past May so you can imagine my shock when my school friend Annette suggested last weekend that we plan a trip to Italy in celebration of our 40th birthdays.

Let me take you back a couple of years. I was on a sales mission with some members of the tourism industry up in Toronto. At midnight, the "young kids" (some mid-twenty-somethings) invited me to go dancing with them. I looked (and felt) like a slob but went any way. (I know they really wanted a DD).

The drinking age in Canada is 19 - it was 19 when I was 19 and there were many times when friends and I crossed the border for some adult beverages. I digress...

We found a club in downtown Toronto, paid our $10 US to park, coat checked our outer wear and I have never felt so old in my life. Here I was, 33 years old surrounded by barely 19 year olds. But, I decided to dance with my friends. After being on the dance floor for about 15 minutes, I hear some "kid" yell, "oh my god! There's a 40-year-old on the floor!" Imagine my horror that my insecurities were realized. Fight and flight mode kicked in and I replied, "oh, my dear, you're too kind. I'm actually 50."

And so Annette wants to go to Italy in 2008. It's a place I really haven't considered, but Pompeii is there, it would be cool to have a viewing with the Pope and MAYBE I'll get a chance to utilize my three years of Latin. Let the planning begin!