Where Do I Sign Up for "NO BOOT CAMP?"

I can't stand inconsiderate, rude people. I know I let people take advantage of me; sometimes I do it as a social experiment. To actually see how far people will push me to get what they want. Other times, I give into requests because I'm a "pleaser" (aka: co-dependent).

Tonight I've been pushed by a family member (related by marriage). I began the week enjoying the house alone - just me, Gecko and the sacrificial crickets. Tonight, I'll be going to sleep with the addition of 2 dogs and a cat. ARGGGHHHH!!!! All because other people didn't want to be inconvenienced, I'm the one to be inconvenienced.

One week, and I'll be moving into my new space. Maybe I'll finally find "NO BOOT CAMP" that my friend ZeldaMae has told me about.