Swinging, Orbasms & Bowl Jobs: Things Done at the Spirtualist Camp This Weekend

Me with Orb?
Me with Orb?,
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Okay, my playing this weekend was more than on words. My friend Kathy & I spent Saturday in Cassadaga, FL at the Cassadga Spiritualist Camp. I had my first spiritual reading by a medium (I've had an angel reading before, I can revisit that another time) and although his spiritual guides told him glowingly, positive things about my future, I kind of already knew it. Because recent decisions have been feeling right and I haven't had that feeling in a while.
I've been mostly comfortable with my decision to move on - with a new job in a new town. This past week I've been comfortably closing (mostly comfortably) personal affairs and it's primarily felt right. The medium (who is originally from Buffalo, NY, too) said that I am at a beginning of a new cycle within the universe (cycles are in seven-year increments) and this is the best time to go through all of this change now. He also reminded me to follow my heart and gut.
Following our readings, we took a guided tour of the town. We learned about the history and the connection with the New York Cassadaga Camp called Lily Dale (I recall driving through Lily Dale when I was a teenager. Oddly, when driving to this Florida community, it felt very familiar - the lakes, the landscape, the style of homes).
We learned about orbs that are seen throughout the Camp via photographs. Being intrigued, Kathy and I headed back to the Camp after dusk to try and capture some orbs. After downloading the images, I think we captured some. The picture above has a white, light-thing in the lower left corner, above the cement bench. If you click on it, it will lead you to more photos taken at the same place, including one with Kathy and a strange thing in front of her skirt.
The seance room at the Colby Memorial Temple was cool. The highlight was when Richard, our guide and quasi-medium (he has not received his certification to become a medium at the Camp) told us about his table rocking experiences and how this form of seance is coming back in style. He also reminded us that spiritualism is about good, positive things.
We did a little shopping - having been interested in witchcraft since I was very young, I picked up a Wiccan for beginners book. We also swung a pendulum and felt the energy in our closed chakras from a huge, crystal singing bowl.
The experience was enlightening in a light-hearted manner.