Starbucks. Hello My Friend.

Things are "back to normal." After two weeks of being spoiled, I find myself back at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks' Cafe. I'm wearing a tie-dye tonight, so I can't tell if I've spilt anything on me yet. It's an older crowd, some of the regulars are here. The "kids" are starting to come in. Maybe they've been out on the beach for a Florida sunset (but the red tide has been HORRIBLE). I have disrupted the spatial seating, a social experiment onto itself.

The positives today:

  • One more day left of work!
  • My future employer called to let me know they will be signing me up for some professional accreditation programs. I haven't even started and they are already looking out for me and that feels good.
  • I'm a girl. I like to shop. Now that I'll be moving into my own place, the nesting instinct has kicked in and I've been looking and shopping with plans on how to decorate my new pad. I'm sooooo excited!
  • One of my cousins volunteered to help me carrying boxes into the house - very sweet of him.

My annoyances today:

  • On Sunday I visited the local flea market and picked up some fresh produce (pretty cheaply, too). Today, I craved the fresh green beans and sweet corn for dinner. I returned home from shopping, started boiling water and went to the fridge. To my disappointment and horror, those veggies weren't there. Turns out they got "cleaned" out. There's been stuff in that ice box for more than 3 months and my 3-day-old veggies are victims of the compost!
  • I'll admit, I'm compliant. I follow the rules, especially when it comes to crossing the street. I hardly ever jay-walk, usually crossing at the designated places, waiting for the "man" to turn white, indicating it's safe to cross. Today, a rather large woman was in the a medium of a 6-lane thoroughfare, carrying a baby! Some people just don't deserve to have kids, I think she's the epitome of that. What example is she setting for that kid? That it's OK to play in traffic? She began to cross the road and I slowed down for her. She casually crossed the street. It was like letting a turtle cross the road, but turtles run faster (this time of year in Florida, it's common to hold up traffic for bold turtles who think they are chickens, trying to cross the road). I was tempted to get out of the car and escort her across, like I sometimes do for disoriented turtles, but I patiently waited and waited. I gave her the hairy eyeball.