More Than a Typical Day

Today was awesome. Things seem to be falling into place as I tie-up loose ends before my departure. With each day, I get more and more excited. People tell me I'm making a great career move when in fact, I'm looking after my sanity.

I got to see Mother Nature at work. A pond turtle decided to lay her eggs next to the office. I watched her as she dug nest after nest in pursuit of the perfect lair for her babies.

The office also had my goodbye party. I had invited some key people from the industry to join us and I was overwhelmed with happiness and love having everyone there in one room. As I stated in a previous post, I had no idea how much of an impact I've had within the community.

I came home to crap (literally) and had to feed Gecko. I discovered that a couple of glasses of chardonnay make the snatching of crickets easy.

Time to call it a night.