Little Twisty Ties With Lightning Speed

I've spent the day tying up loose ends. Closing out my postal box, returning items to the office, changing my address (including ALL of the frequent traveler programs I belong to). Found time for some shopping and picked up a very kitsch Chinese dinner gong at the Women's Exchange. When growing up, we had a big, iron bell on the back of the house. Whenever my parents wanted us home, they would ring the bell and no matter where in the neighborhood we were, we knew to head home. OK, a gong. I'm sure you're imagining something from the "Gong Show" but it's quite small and will fit nicely on the corner of the dining room table. A conversational piece when I choose to entertain.

Did you know that this week is
National Lightning Safety Awareness Week? And, July is the most active month of lighting strikes in Florida? At lunch yesterday, we talked about this and how a woman wearing an underwire bra is (I THINK) 7 times more likely to be struck by lightning than a woman not wearing an underwire bra.

I returned to my "home" this afternoon in the pouring rain and a lightning storm. My uncle was gone and the house was too quiet. I looked in the pool and there were four teenage boys splashing around in the rain and lightning. I'm not a Florida gal but growing up in New York, we were always told to get out of the water when lightning was around. Guess it's a good thing my cousins et al are not busty, teenage girls.

I'm back at Starbucks tonight. I've just spent the last hour listening to a fifty-something-year-old man gab the ear off of some woman. He's professed his love to her, how he's attracted to her spirituality, how beautiful she is, blah, blah, blah. In that hour, he hasn't let her get a word in edge-wise. She's sitting there politely, nodding her head. I would have cut him off 10 minutes into the conversation; I'm a "cut to the chase" person - get right to the details. My problem is I assume a lot, which gets me in trouble.