Home Sweet Home (or: I Hate Moving)

*Sigh* It's nice to finally be in a place that I can call home again, one that isn't too cramped, either. I'm in the process of setting the apartment up in "Jenn-style" and had disillusions of grandeur in decorating. Meaning, I had visions of going out and purchasing all sorts of new furniture but in reality, the only "new" thing I've purchased is my bed. I've had fun visiting various furniture stores and "dreaming."

My friend Vivian was in town over the weekend and we went to the local flea market (I found a carved, marble Buddha head for a great price) and then the outlet mall. I found some great end tables and Vivian almost convinced me to purchase one she referred to as the "faux S&M table." Although tempted at the possibilities of conversation it would invoke, I couldn't open my wallet and make the commitment. Instead, I visited the local thrift shops, got some bargains and decided just to make good with what I have right now (which is a lot).

In every move, there are some casualties - not everything arrives safely. I haven't finished unpacking but so far, I've lost a container of Quaker Oats, a big nick in one of my dinette chairs and Peter twisted his ankle. (Yes, "that" Peter helped me with the move.) He fell off a chair. He wasn't sitting on it and I didn't push him off. He was mounting the drapes and stepped backward. He spent the rest of the day limping around. I'm appreciative of the free labor. Tomorrow is the long drive back to Sarasota.