A Good Thing Yesterday

I'd be remiss in not mentioning the highlight of yesterday was the fast food binge that me and "Big Sista" Zelda Mae indulged in yesterday. It started as a trip to pick up some promotional displays and pick up a quick lunch. McDonald's is next to the place we had to go and we decided to go vs. fight the drive-thru. A Big Mac sounded VERY appetizing - I haven't had one in years. Throw in the hot, fresh fries and a cold, icy Coke - hmmm (a Cherry Coke would have made it Heaven). Zelda opted for a hot fudge sundae and nibbled on my fries. After I finished, she ordered fries and I was denied a much-craved-for apple pie (they ran out) and indulged in a hot fudge sundae.

The thing about good friends is that you can eat like that without regrets. Enjoying the moment, talking about life. I'm going to miss those times with Zelda Mae. Not just the eating but her words of wisdom and "Big Sista" attitude.